What are the Best Dishes to Order at a Mexican Restaurant in Grapevine?


Starter Salad - a lot of Mexican restaurants will serve some kind of green salad - either a mexican green salad or Caesar salad. Make sure to ask for some dressing to be placed on the side and ask for a sprinkle of cheese or other fat toppings such as fried tortilla strips or bacon. Watch out for the salads house in fried shells - they will rack up just a lot of calories in contrast to those decadent meals that you are avoiding. And you can say no to chip basket if you are counting your calorie intake.


A Cup of Soup - soup is certainly a remarkable source of vegetable and can be somewhat filling if given together with la carte item such as a grilled chicken. You can also have broth based soups such as caldo de camaron or albondigas - the creamier ones have heftier loads of calories.


Ceviche - this is a fresh, light and tangy appetizer choice that is typically created with a combination of scallops, white fish and shrimps. This dish is usually prepared with lime juice and lemon as well as small amounts of extra oil in order to make it fresh and a low calorie appetizer option. In addition, it has a nutritious mix of fresh vegetables such as onion, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes.


Grilled Fish - I usually order one of their grilled fish dishes on the menu as an entree with side of beans, rice and vegetables. This meal makes sure that I receive nutrient rich vegetables and that may plate is not filled with high calorie containing cheese or sour cream which are found in a lot of grapevine mexican food.


Vegetable Fajitas - since I eat a plant based diet, I would love to have vegetable fajitas with corn tortillas and cooked beans. You can choose to ask for plain beans either pinto beans or black beans rather than the refried type which can be filed with sodium and additional fat. I skip the white tortillas and fatty cheese created from processed wheat flour and choose for corn tortillas which are richer in fiber and are whole grain. In addition, you can ask for a serving of fresh salsa in order to give more flavor to the fajitas and on the whole, eat just half of the meal and take home the rest for the next day. Book for the best restaurants in grapevine here!